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Questions You May Have

How do coffee subscriptions work?

While checking out, simply select "Subscribe & Save". Then choose how many bags of coffee you want and how often you would like to receive those bags. You can choose to have your fresh coffee delivered once every week, 2 weeks, or month.

When you subscribe, you will receive free shipping on each bag of coffee that is a part of the subscription!

Edit or cancel: If you ever want to edit or cancel your subscription, you can do so via your subscription portal. Access the subscription portal by clicking on the "My Subscriptions" link at the bottom of the website.

Billing: You will be billed each time your next subscription order processes. Billing occurs on the same time interval in which you receive your coffee.

How soon will I get my coffee?

Our coffee is roasted for your specific order, which means a little extra time is involved when compared to coffees that are sitting on warehouse shelves ready to ship.

From order to doorstep, you should anticipate your coffee's arrival between 7-10 business days (this time frame factors in recent delays in the supply chain and shipping environment). Your Freestone Coffee will be highly aromatic and at peak freshness when it arrives. Trust us, the fresh taste is well worth the wait!

Can I get my coffee without waiting?

While you cannot speed up the roast-to-order process, you can subscribe to receive your coffee in regular intervals (every week, 2 weeks, or month). That means you can receive your next bag of coffee just as you are finishing up your last bag!

Which grind types do you offer?

Freestone offers whole bean coffee as well as drip ground, espresso ground, and french press ground coffee beans. You can select your preferred grind type at checkout.

Whole Bean - Unground beans

Espresso Grind - Fine ground beans

Drip Grind - Medium ground beans

French Press Grind - Coarse ground beans

How long does coffee stay fresh?

Great question! First, a quick note on "good" vs. "fresh". Coffee stays good (good meaning safe for consumption) for months after it is roasted. Though coffee is safe to consume months after it is roasted, the coffee will start to deteriorate in flavor only a couple of weeks after roasting. Once the coffee has sat around for a couple of months, it will already have lost a significant amount of the flavor it once had.

The sooner you drink your Freestone, the tastier it will be! We recommend consuming your whole bean coffee within the first 3-4 weeks of receiving it for maximum enjoyment. Ground coffee should be consumed slightly sooner for max enjoyment, around 2-3 weeks after you receive it.

Read the next FAQ for tips on keeping your coffee fresh!

How do I keep my coffee fresh?

Air, moisture, heat, and light... these are the arch enemies of fresh coffee. The more you expose coffee to any of those elements, the quicker they will go stale and lose flavor.

To keep things fresh, store your coffee in an air-tight container that is capable of pushing excess air out. Any air trapped in the container with the beans will zap the freshness right out of your coffee. The container should also be opaque, not letting in any sunlight that will cause your beans to go stale.

Place that container in a spot that is away from heat sources like your oven or places that receive direct sunlight and heat up throughout the day.

Coffee canisters are the best solution for keeping coffee fresh!

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