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The Freestone Story

Nostalgia, Regret, and a Comeback

Howdy! My name’s Bobby Jaeger and I’m the founder of Freestone Coffee.

Fishing is a completely magical and nostalgic sport for me and always will be. I grew up in Washington where my favorite childhood memories were spent trolling for trout with my dad. I can almost hear my 5 year old self pestering my dad about the next time we’d get to go fishing. Buck Wilder’s Small Fry Fishing Guide was a go-to read as a kid and it painted my imagination with the magical underwater-world of fish. Dreams of catching Rainbow Trout and the mythical Northern Pike filled my mind as I turned the pages. I remember feeling like I was in a scene straight out of the book each time I put my line in the water.

Sadly, school and sports took a toll on fishing outings with my dad and I let my pole collect cobwebs in our garage for far too long. I look back as an adult and regret all of the great fishing memories that I missed out on with my dad when I decided to hang up my pole.

College rolled around and my parents gave me my first fly rod as a birthday gift. I didn’t even ask for that rod, but turns out it was just the gift I needed. My dad and his buddy, Terry, took me out fly fishing for my first time ever that season. Between the wind and a steep learning curve, I got skunked that first day out. But it didn’t matter, I caught the fly fishing bug big time. Fly fishing had completely re-inspired my love for fishing. I wound up catching my first fish on a fly rod when I took a father and son trip to Rock Creek, Montana. A beautiful rainbow trout slurped my purple haze off a soft riffle just upstream of camp. I’ll never forget that feeling.

After countless fishing outings, I’m now a lifelong member of the sport and love introducing anglers to the art and bliss of catching fish on a fly. I owe a big thank you to my parents for giving me that fly rod and another big thank you to my dad’s buddy, Terry, for being the first person to take me out on the river.

Freestone Enters the Scene

Freestone started as the culmination of multiple passions. Growing up, I always wanted to start a business just like my dad. He built his business from the ground up in our hometown and I intended to do the same someday. As fly fishing became my pastime of choice, it only made sense to spend my working years around the sport I love. If I could work with fellow anglers and give back to the sport while paying the bills, then what more could I ask for from my job?

Growing up in Washington coffee culture most definitely inspired the idea to mix coffee and fishing. I woke up one summer morning and my thoughts went something like this, “what angler doesn’t want a flavorful cup of coffee each morning?" and, "what if the company was centered around connecting with fellow fly anglers and preserving our streams?”. At that moment, my passion to start Freestone was sparked.

Good for Sippin'

Freestone Coffee is not just a fun brand, we love providing you with quality coffee.

Freestone beans are sourced from farmers around the globe, roasted moments after you order, and delivered to your front porch at the peak of freshness. This process ensures you get beans that are still packed full of flavor so you can make a great cup of coffee.

The roast-to-order process might seem over the top, but it knocks the socks off all the stale coffees stocked at grocery stores or sitting in warehouses primed for overnight shipping. Your Freestone coffee will be weeks, if not months, fresher than coffee you buy at the store.

When you open your bag of Freestone, your nose will be delightfully overwhelmed with a pleasant, fresh-roasted coffee aroma!

Good for Fishin'

I like being transparent with people. Freestone is unashamedly a for-profit business, however, we give 5% of profits back to fly fishing. The rest goes toward the cost of living and growing the company. The 5% of profits we donate goes to Trout Unlimited as well as other local organizations that preserve and protect our streams.

I love the giving side of this company, and I look to expand that facet of the business as we grow and as our means to give more abundantly grows with it.

Ethically Sourced

Rest assured that your tasty beans are ethically-sourced from around the globe.

A Roast for All

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